Yoga refers to the union of the mind, body and soul connecting individuals with themselves through movement and breath. No prior experience is required; our yoga is open to all fitness levels. This is a fantastic opportunity to recover after all those tough workouts and learn the other side to fitness, active recovery. Our amazing instructors are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to modify and challenge any individual as they guide you through a fantastic experience. We dim the lights and set the tone with calming music that will help you find your inner stillness. You will first be guided to find your breath; this is one of the most important components to a successful yoga practice. Controlling your breath helps set the body into a natural rhythmic state and will aid in any flexibility needed. Our instructors will guide you through a full-body routine of poses all while keeping a clear your mind. Yoga welcomes new students and teaches them the FUN-damentals. Come and learn how powerful the union of the mind, body and soul truly is, Namaste.

Your Instructor

Espe Eusebio