Beginner Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness is a sexy, and fun workout that will build strength in a completely new way; plus, you’re hot and this class will show you how to move it. Whether you decide to learn with friends or for yourself we are confident that Pole Fitness will meet your needs. The welcoming and comfortable environment is the perfect space for you to try something new and let loose a little bit with absolutely no judgement. The class starts with 15 minutes of core, which allows us to develop control in our body, aid our arms and legs all while burning and toning your sexy shape! Next the class moves onto the learning of spins and body inversions; these involve a lot of technique and finesse both in performing and transitioning from one spin to another. Sexy choreography is sprinkled on top and a full routine is practiced for the last portion of the class to let you hone your skills! Come try Pole Fitness and spice things up; we guarantee you will learn something, get a great workout and feel oh so sexy!

Your Instructors

Kourtney Newell