Joni Batte

Hello Everyone, my name is Joni Batte (pronounced Johnny).

Yoga for me started as a physical fitness journey and turned into so much more.

When I am practicing yoga or teaching a class I am here in the present moment, focusing on my movements, and appreciating the strength and mobility that my body has; which has improved over time. I am not the most flexible person and you don’t need to be to enjoy and benefit from a yoga practice. When I started teaching is when I really captured the essence that we can all come together in solidarity no matter where we are in our physical journey.

Taking time to settle into a pose and feel it through each aspect of the body has been amazing. It has also given me the opportunity to really focus on my breath and match it with my movements, creating an entirely new experience which is invigorating.

When we are in the present moment the mind becomes quite and relaxed. It is a time of zen and relief where you can focus on yourself. I also enjoy bringing this experience and energy to those who come to my class. It is great to have this opportunity for self learning and development through my practice, but the real gift is sharing it with others so they too can see how strong and healthy they really are, in body, mind and spirit.

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Joni Batte

Fitness for me is a passion and has always been a part of my life.


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