Cole Clark

My name is Cole from Walkerton, I have been on my fitness journey now, going into my 3rd year of self improvement and focus on health. For a majority of my childhood and adult life I had struggled with obesity and poor lifestyle / dietary choices. I had been over weight for as long as I can remember. I took practical nursing in Owen Sound after high school, and had more than the “freshmen 15” added to my waistline while I was away during my 3 year program. When I moved home, I was at my heaviest I had ever been at roughly 320lb.

I can clearly recall the “Click moment” that sparked the motivation for my weight loss journey. I was sitting at my computer in a depression and state of self-pity. I had never been one for new year’s resolutions but the date was January 6th 2016. I was reflecting on how it was already one week into the New Year and questioning if it would be the same as the last before it. I don’t know what I was watching on YouTube but I clearly remember the add that came across my screen advertising a workout program. I remember how envious I was of this mans physique, and thought I would take a change and clicked on the add. I watched the full length add and ended up buying the program. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a gym routine and helping you understand and track macros. Using this program and going to the gym pretty much every day, to date I have lost over 100lbs! Who would have thought? I was always the overweight kid, the biggest person in the room for most my life. I had struggled with weight my entire life and I still have a hard time looking in the mirror and saying “that's me”.

I had fallen in love with the process and then the results came shortly after. Something that has stuck with me from watching fitness YouTubers is that you don’t have to lose “X” amount of weight, you just have to lose 1 pound! That’s it, and then repeat the process. I did not lose 100lb overnight, over time I lost “1 pound 100 times”.

Though I still am working as a Practical Nurse in Walkerton, I realize that what gets me out of bed in the morning is the drive for self improvement and the Gym. When I'm in a “work out mode” its not work or a struggle, its Fun! The same rush I used to get from binging Netflix I now get from working up a sweat. I want to take this passion and help others fall in love with the process as I did.

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Cole Clark

I did not lose 100lb overnight, over time I lost “1 pound 100 times”


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